Events' originality is everything.
Penguinpass gives you the chance to stand out by creating for you the customized version of the app. Your need will be satisfy.
Whether you're a museum, a private istitution or a brand you'll have the possibility to manage the access to your event with your original touch.

your own penguinpass version

Penguinpass can be used in the "universal" version, as you can see on this side, or in a customized version with logo and cromie chose by you.
With the first one you only pay for the use, the second instead has a customization cost.


alessandra ianzito pr & events
Alessandra Ianzito Pr & Events APP is the only app that allows you to make the event searching process and the accreditation step easier and quicker.With just one click you’ll be able to find out all the events managed by our agency and also you’ll be checked in just passing through a virtual barrier with the app turned on. By downloading the app you’ll be also able to receive the “save the date” in a digital format and to confirm your attendance with just one tap. Alessandra Ianzito Pr & Events relies its work on a dynamic management linked to a logical aspect and to different image and pr strategies in the fields of fashion and luxury. All these is clear in this useful app. Don’t miss it! Alessandra Ianzito Pr & Events,as always, gives top priority to the clients in a good balance with an agency well integrate in the fashion system.

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