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Penguinpass guarantees an easy management of your event. Whether it's an art exhibition, concert or any other kind of event, Penguinpass allows your guests to access in a fast and easy way. Manage a smart access and the event logistics in real time.
Guarantee a unique and totally safe experience to your guests.

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our first steps...

Penguinpass is the revolution in the access world released this year. Since spring 2016 we've experienced a lot on the field before present our service to you.
We've officialy released it on July 2016 at ICOM (International Council of Museums). A revolution that many have decided to try; Unicredit Pavillon was one of the first experiencing this revolutionary world on International Youth Orchestra Festival.

The tape speaks for itself.

how it works

are you a guest / visitor ?

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your ticket with a click

Just few seconds and a small click to purchase a ticket and get the accreditation to your event.

automatic check-in

You'll be recognized by the system without showing your smartphone or any other identity document.

discount and promo

With Penguinpass your free time is full of accommodations. Take advantage of all the discounts and promos created for you.

always updated

Be always informed about what's new around you and what could get your attention.

it's your call to make

Anywhere and at any time, chose to take part in your event. You only need a click.

security first

With Penguinpass you make sure your datas and transactions are safe as the event you go to!

guest area

who trusted us

Our aim is to develop collaborations that will create a solid, structured system. Our partners help us create a product that’s always improving, taking the best of both experiences in orrder to changeg the way public spaces can be used.

more about us

If you want to join Penguinpass family get in touch for more informations.
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