how it works

Penguinpass is the new system for the management in the access world. This tool, created and designed for the need of both organizers and his guests, will lead both into a unique and exclusive experience.

Find out how to create and manage your events!
1. Create your events with Penguinpass
Log in on the dashboard and create your account to start publishing your own events.
The dashboard will lead you through every step of your experience. Post your event and keep updated on who has confirmed his attendance or who bought a ticket. You will manage all of this thanks to a dashboard that easily integrate with your mailing list.
Just one tool to manage everything, let's start right now!

                        Sign up             Log in
2. Manage the access of your event
Manage the access in real time. With the same credentials
used on the dashboard you can log in on the check-in APP.
You'll have a bigger view on the inflow of your guests and be
constantly updated on the development of your event.
Just forget useless list of names on flying paper!

- dynamic list: you can display your guests so based on their proximity
- report and real-time data available and update
- check in of your guests with just one click

Contact us  to get the check-in APP and start a trial!

3. Invite your guests
Send an email to ask them to download Penguinpass.
Thanks to the consumer app they will be able to receive all your invitations and confirm their attendance with just one click.
If they show up with the app turned on, you'll be able to geolocalize them and welcome them in a smart and exclusive way.

Penguinpass is free and available on iOS and Android store.

4. Stay connected with your guests
Thanks to the Beacon technology your check-in APP will be always connected to your users' smartphones and you can welcoming them in real time.
It's your personal presence detector!
You can keep it in your pocket or nearby the entry point.
Choose the best way to get one:
- Buy your Beacon set directly from the store: Estimote
- Ask us for an all inclusive offer
- Check the version of the tablet you'll use with the APP, if available you can use the "Virtual beacon" option.You won't buy anything!