for all you who enter !

change the way you live your events. Penguinpass is the very first app that allows you to access events easily and without waiting. It revolutionizes the way we take part in what's happening, whether it's an art exhibition, concert or any other kind of event, we work to make it easier!

download the app

download Penguinpass on your smartphone, sign up and log in. Set your preferences and allow Penguinpass to find your favorite and nearest events.

find the event

with Penguinpass you can find all nearby events and that ones that draw your attention. You can set your research choosing distance and category.

purchase / reserve your ticket

you can buy the ticket any time and anywhere without wasting time in line or tap on "Join" and you can automatically be recognized by the system and get the acceditation without paying!

get in

turn your Bluetooth on, open the app and get in your event. You'll be recognized automatically by the system and the staff.