The New Multi-Camera showcase: connect live buyers, press and distributors

The Virtual Showroom solution provided by Penguinpass aims to create a dedicated environment in which it is possible to meet users and buyers, manage appointments and show your products live.
Welcome customers to your fully branded space and let them freely explore your showroom for a highly interactive and guided experience!


A plug & play solution that is as easy to install and use. You can choose to highlight different areas of the store or showroom, to provide an engaging brand experience to your customers. Moreover, no technical skills required, just plug your webcams and start to use it!


Multiple strategically placed cameras can help in developing a complete picture of the showroom. In spite of its virtual nature, the experience it creates for the users will be similar to that of being within the store, able to explore different parts of it.


A real-time virtual store walkthrough is cost-effective and time-efficient as opposed to expensive 3D solutions or renders, which are mostly static environments. It gives you the flexibility to alternate and choose between what you want the customers to see and interact with.


Multi - Cameras
Booking tool
One to one meetings
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