Sport Events

Sport events, hospitality and Sponsor guests

We have created a specific version of Penguinpass made to support the sport events organizers, sport Federations and whoever needs a professional management of the relationship between his sponsors, stakeholders and fans of course.

Our experience with some of the most important sport federation worldwide like Italian Football Federation in Italy or International Council of Cricket in UAE, made us aware of a common need: speed up the processes, and take care in a professional and digitalized way of hospitality matters.

But not only hospitality, we have been also involved in Corporate Innovation processes creating custom versions of our tool to manage digitalize internal processes paperless.

Whit our IoT technology we can also provide access control and behaviour analysis to improve  marketing and communication approaches.

That's why Penguinpass Sport was born.

Penguinpass products for sport events

E-vites & Sponsors management
Check-in app hospitality experiences
Behaviour analisys
Registration forms & ticketing

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